Nanny/Babysitter and Personal Support Worker Consultation and Training

Training The Ones Who Care

The person entrusted to care for your loved one must have the necessary knowledge and skills to encourage their development, so we have developed a training program just for them!

Nannies, caretakers, and support workers will participate in group discussions (facilitated by knowledgeable staff in a comfortable setting) that will allow them to ask questions and share strategies. Some topics of discussion include: “What is Autism?” and “What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?”

Using principals of Applied Behaviour Analysis, we train Nannies on the power of reinforcement, antecedent management, how to strengthen positive behaviour and decrease negative behaviours, child development, the function of behaviour, and also how to boost confidence.

  • Training is practical and easy to understand.
  • Group session training occurs once per month or by appointment for special consultations.
  • Our training program is open to families who would like their Nannies to have additional training and also to Nannies who want to add training to their resume.
  • Upon completion, Nannies will be better equipped to work with exceptional children.

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