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It is the responsibility of every person and organization to speak out against bullying and advocate for individuals with exceptionalities and behavioural disorders.

Providing A Platform For Exceptional People

Stigma produces labels, inaccurate stereotypes, and is, unfortunately, the reality for so many people. They are after seen as spoiled, undisciplined, or incapable—the discrimination and prejudice are often internalized and can have lasting effects on an individual.

It is of utmost importance that we provide a platform for exceptional people—where they are given the opportunity to share their stories and advocate for themselves—and for families and friends to speak on behalf of those who cannot.

Here's what you can do

  • Get involved to spread awareness

    Create a blog or vlog, speak to family and friends, join community groups.

  • Talk to someone you trust

    Such as: a priest/pastor, family member, therapist, community representative etc.

  • Design programs & policies

    With Anti-Oppressive Practice in mind to eliminate barriers for staff and community members who use services.

  • Provide ongoing training

    Provide ongoing training to staff around various exceptionalities.

  • Include individuals with exceptionalities

    Include individuals with exceptionalities on committees and staffing.

  • Become an advocate!

    Become an advocate for individuals with exceptionalities and Anti-Oppressive Practices.

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